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Weight Loss Visualization: How to do it

Weight loss is something that almost everyone struggles to accomplish. It can be a very dreary topic, often avoided due to social stigma. And, there are countless books and aired programs on how to achieve weight loss. Have you ever wondered if weight loss visualization could really work?

Many experts would say that the best way to achieve weight loss is through exercise and diet. But, what if I told you that weight loss visualization worked just as well? Would you think I was crazy? Well, believe it or not but it is true. Weight loss through visualization can definitely help you to achieve your desired weight.

How can visualization achieve weight loss?

The reason that visualization works to achieve weight loss is that your brain works through images. Think of a dist Stripper commercial – the cigarette is only halfway down. The quarters are still there; the drink is still in the plastic bag; theQuik stands still on the hanger. The Stripperasthe commercial? Yes! Your brain is now focusing on the image of the cigarette and the plastic bag once more. The brain now takes on this representation as real, not real,it is programs that help us make change in our lives.

Weight loss through visualization can help you to achieve your desired weight. See if this sounds correct: depress a child by stating, “If you do not eat it, they will eat it.” True or true, honey? We have even heard this as a positive affirmation in one sentence in one book!

What do you think helped to cause brain damage to some toddlers? Sitting still in front of a computer. I’m sure it was at least partly due to the lack of movement, but the state of these toddlers was dangerously wrong. Here’s the point is if you sit still, your brain is constantly moving! Your mind is constantly giving signals to your body to let it know it is receiving something and it’s OK to get that exercise done. You can do this very easily!

The benefits of are wonderful. Not only do you lose those extra pounds, but you gain a better sense of well being. Your body will feel better, your clothes will fit better; you will be more energized and persevere more.

How does weight loss through visualization accomplish this? Trust me, studies have demonstrated that we all tend to reach for what is familiar in STARTING, the first Twinkie or Oreo cookie.. And, if we start at least partially, we won’t have to change our mind at all.

So, start to lose weight now by incorporating weight loss visualization and you will not only lose weight, you will be able to keep it off and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Weight loss is a mental thing! Terri Guillemets

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