What does Estrogenic mean

What does Estrogenic mean

Estrogen is the main hormone found in the body of women and plays an important role in the regulation of the menstrual cycle, along with the physical feature of women, reproductive function, growth of breast and uterus. It is produced not only in women, but also in the body of men, but in very small amounts. Estrogen hormone test is done to check the level of estrogen hormone. If you are still asking “what does Estrogenic mean” till now, read this article and know how to do estrogen hormone test.

Know this before estrogen hormone test

There are many types of estrogen hormones but only a small amount of estrogen is tested during the estrogen hormone test.


Estron, also known as E-1, is released after menopause in women . Menopause means a period in the life of women when periods stop coming. Women usually get menopause by the age of 50.


Estradiol hormone is also known as E2. This hormone acts to prevent vaginal symptoms such as menopause at an early age. It is also known as 17 beta-estradiol. Ovaries, breast and adrenal glands make these hormones. In pregnancy, placenta also acts as an estradiol hormone. This hormone helps the sex organs such as Utrs , fallopian tubes , Vjayna and development of Brest is. Estradiol hormone is also found in men, but it is found in very small amounts.


The estriol hormone is also called E3. This hormone is increased during pregnancy .

Why is the estrogen hormone test done?

Help of estrogen hormone test provides important information about the body of women. Information about a woman’s fertility (ability to be pregnant), information about pregnancy, periods, and other health conditions is available. Help of the doctor to check the levels of estrone, estradiol and estriol hormone levels in the body gives the doctor many information. Know what the doctor gets to know with the estrogen hormone test.

  • Early or late detection of puberty in girls
  • Late boys detect puberty
  • Know the reason for disturbances due to periods
  • Tests to find out the problem of infertility
  • To monitor menopause treatment
  • Detect tumors that are releasing estrogen
  • To find out the birth defect at the time of pregnancy
  • To detect high risk pregnancy

Should I get an estrogen hormone test?

It is not necessary that all girls and women should undergo estrogen hormone test. Some women and girls may need an estrogen hormone test. But this will be decided by your doctor whether or not you have to undergo an estrogen hormone test. All girls and women should be aware of this.

if you

  • There is a problem of getting pregnant.
  • If the girl is older, that is, more than 18 years, and she is not having periods , then the doctor may recommend estrogen hormone test.
  • If the woman is having symptoms of menopause as well as hot flashes or night swat.
  • Vaginal bleeding is still occurring after menopause .
  • Boy or girl, who do not have symptoms of puberty at the time.
  • If men are showing some symptoms of women such as enlargement of breast, then the doctor immediately recommends estrogen hormone test.

History of birth defect may have to be tested

If a woman is pregnant then the doctor can advise her for the estriol test. The estriol test is performed during the 15th and 20th weeks. But not all women have to undergo this test. For women who have had a history of birth defects, the doctor can advise them to get these tests done. With the help of the estriol test, genetic birth defects such as Down syndrome etc. can be detected. Women who are more than 35 years old, have diabetes problems or have a viral infection in pregnancy, may be advised for this test. Contact your doctor for more information.

Estrogen hormone test can be done in men also

As we also told you above, estrogen is not only produced in women but also in men. Estrogen levels are found to be lower in men. If estrogen is disturbed at any time, estrogen hormone test may be required in men also. Tests are recommended to men based on certain symptoms. Know what are the symptoms,

  • If puberty does not occur in the boy at the right time, the doctor may recommend an estrogen hormone test.
  • If the breasts suddenly increase in men, then that condition is called gynecomastia  . In such a condition, the doctor may recommend an examination.
  • If estrogen levels are high due to low testosterone , then the doctor can ask for estrogen hormone test.
  • Estrogen hormone test is done to identify tumors in men.

What happens during the estrogen hormone test?

For estrogen hormone test, the doctor may take a sample of blood, urine or saliva. The Blood and urine test is done in doctor’s office or the laboratory. Saliva can also be examined at home.

Blood sample for estrogen hormone test

For estrogen hormone test, the doctor will use your needle to take blood samples using nidil. Most people feel very scared of Nidil and feel dizzy upon seeing Nidil. This happens especially with women. Keep in mind that health care providers or doctors extract blood so well that nothing is known. There is no need to fear during the investigation. A blood test is done in a few minutes.

Urine Sample for Estrogen Hormone Test

The doctor samples urine for an estrogen hormone test. For the urine test , the doctor may ask you to sample the number of times you have passed urine during 24 hours. It is also called the 24-hour urine sample test. The health care provider or laboratory professional will give you a container to collect urine and also give some instructions. Know what steps are to be followed during the urine test.

  • Urine after getting up in the morning. Then what time is urin, note the time. There is no need to collect it.
  • For the next 24 hours, as soon as you pass the urine, collect the sample of the urine in the container.
  • You should not keep urin in high temperatures. Keep the urine container cool in the refrigerator or with ice help.
  • Then sample the health care provider.

Home saliva test

An in-house saliva test can also be done for the estrogen hormone test. You can also talk to the doctor about this. Get information about which kit to use for saliva test and how to sample saliva.

Is there a risk with the estrogen hormone test?

The process adopted in the estrogen hormone test is very simple. No person needs to be pre-prepared for an estrogen hormone test. Talking about the risk factor, there is no risk during or after the test. Women or men who are afraid of sleepiness may feel a slight pain. But Nidil’s pain is also felt for a few seconds. There is no need to fear during the rest of the test. Some people may also feel troublesome during the test, know what kind of trouble they may have to go through,

  • Bleeding problem
  • Infection
  • Chance of injury
  • Feeling dizzy or faint
  • The doctor may perform multiple punctures if the suitable valence is not found.
  • Blood building under the skin

What does the result of estrogen hormone test mean?

Estradiol and estrone levels are given in the results of estrogen hormone test. If your estrone levels in the estrogen hormone test result are higher than normal then, it may be due to the following reasons,

  • Adrenal glands, ovaries or tumors of the testicles.
  • Early puberty in girls and late puberty in boys
  •  Hyperthyroidism
  • Cirrhosis , liver damage

If the hormone level is low, the following reasons can be,

  • Eating disorder caused by Anorexia Nervosa
  • To become a condition known as primary ovarian insufficiency in women . In such a situation women’s ovaries stop working before 40 years.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome in which women face problems for pregnancy. Polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the main causes of infertility in women.
  • If the woman is pregnant and her estriol level is below normal, it means that her pregnancy is at risk . There is also a risk of birth defect in a child . If you get information about birth defect during the test, the doctor will also recommend other tests and then diagnose.
  • Astriol’s high level can also start labor early. Astriol levels rise about four weeks before labor.

Other test advice

After the results of the estrogen hormone test, the doctor may also recommend other tests based on the symptoms. The level of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) can also be checked. Help with FSH hormone manages the menstrual cycle and produces egg in ovary at the right time. At the same time, FSH in men promotes the production of sperm. If there is a problem of infertility in a man or woman, the doctor may test FSH and check for luteinizing hormone. Tests can also be done during early puberty in boys and girls.

Effect on Estradiol Level due to Medicine

Some medicines may affect your estradiol levels. If you are going for a test, then tell the doctor about which medicine you are taking daily. Your doctor may discontinue any medicine until shortly before the test. Know which medicine can affect your estradiol level.

  • Birth control pills
  • Estrogen therapy
  • Glucocorticoids
  • Fenothiyajines, whose use schizophrenia is to treat (schizophrenia) and other psychiatric disorders.
  • Antibiotics Tetracycline (Tetracycline), Panamycin and Ampicillin
  • Even during periods, differences can be found in the estradiol levels of women. In such a situation, the doctor can choose a particular day for a blood test.

These reasons may also affect estradiol levels

Doctor’s suggestion

After the result of the estrogen hormone test, information about the level of the hormone is found. In such a situation, the doctor may suggest some medicine or change the medicine based on the result.

  • Drug changes
  • Suggest new medication
  • Specialist investigation advice
  • Information about additional tests and procedures
  • Estradiol level monitoring and other investigations

If you have any query regarding estrogen hormone test, contact your doctor immediately.

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